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CD – Illegal live bootleg 1986

CD – Illegal live bootleg 1986

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Secretly recorded illegally by a roadie at a concert "auf dem Renzenbrink" in Bramsche (Germany) in Autumn 1986. Edited and mastered by Reinhard Kruse and Føni Goedereis in 2022. Featuring demo versions of songs that finally appeared on "Sign of the wicked" one year later.

  • Playlist

    1. Disappointment

    2. Take off your hands

    3. Panic in Wehrmacht

    4. Wanker

    5. Chainsaw Massacre (1)

    6. Long way from home (Demo-version)

    7. You're wrong

    8. Young blood

    9. Always youth (Demo-version)

    10. Bullshit (extended live-version)

    11. Bloodsucker

    12. I wanna fuck you

    13. Quasimodo

    14. Absolute Banger

    15. Metal Hammer (Demo-version – finally becoming "Quickshot")

    16. Chainsaw massacre (2)

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