Satans Defloration Incorporated Remastered

Satans Defloration Incorporated Remastered

Artikelnummer: Satans 22

CD with Elaborate 4C-booklet with 16(!) pages

Remastered by Aljoscha Sieg.

Liner Notes by Oscar Rilo (Hueso Producciones).

4 new recorded productions as bonus tracks, mixed by Føni Goedereis und Aljoscha Sieg



1. Quasimodo

2. Panic in Wehrmacht

3. Wanker

4. Absolute Banger

5. Young Blood

6. You‘re Wrong

7. Chainsaw Massacre

8. I don‘t care

9. Take off your hands

10. I wanna fuck you

11. Bullshit

12. Disappointment

13. Bloodsucker


New recorded Bonus (2022):

14. Back to earth (mixed by Føni Goedereis)

15. Get lost (mixed by Føni Goedereis)

16. Cry for more (mixed by Aljoscha Sieg)

17. Make my day (mixed by Aljoscha Sieg)

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