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Reinhard Kruse

Bass, Vocals

Christoph Olbrich


Chris Friedl


SDI – Tourdates

SDI 2022:

03. June 2022 Heavy Agger Festival, Aalumvej i Agger (Denmark)

18. June 2022 Metal Capital Festival, Oulu (Finland)

08. September 2022, Camp U Emila, Srbska kamenice (Czech Republic)

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The 80s Metal Band

The story (so far)

  • 1986: Founded in May 1986: Ralf Maunert, Reinhard Kruse, Franck Tiesing; Bloodsucker Demo (MC), Album “Satans Defloration Incorporated” at Scratchcore Records, Single live appearances in northern germany

  • 1987: Single appearances in northern germany

  • 1988: Album “Sign of the wicked”at Scratchcore Records, Franck Tiesing was replaced by Rainer Rage, “Sign of the wicked tour ‘88” germany

  • 1989: Album “Mistreated” at Hot Blood Records

  • 1990: European Tour 1990 (Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, etc)

  • 1991: Czechoslowakian Tour ‘91; Split

  • 2014: Reunion; Video “I don’t care”

  • 2015: “Bloodsucker Demo 1986” is published as Vinyl edition by F.O.A.D-Records; European Tour 2015/2016 (Germany “Metal Assault”, Bulgary, Czech Rep., Slovakian Rep., Italy, etc)

  • 2016: European Tour 2015/2016 (Germany “Keep it true”, Spain, Czech Rep., etc) Break (Ralf Maunert is still in the band, Christoph Olbrich joined the band

  • 2017: Single appearances all over Europe (Czech Rep. “Extreme Obscene”, Germany, Bulgary, etc) Rainer Rage leaves the band; Daniel H. joins SDI and plays his first gig (the tynfest/Czech Republic); Demo “Ballrun Demo 2017”

  • 2018: Video recordings, Audio Recordings, Megamoshiberian tour 2018

  • 2019: Festival gigs in Czech rep., Spain, Portugal.

  • 2020: New Album “80s Metal Band” as CD/LP/MC released at MDD-Records. The “80s metal band tour 2020” starts in with the album release show in Kassel (Germany) leading to Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republik, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria (tbc.). Chris Friedl joins SDI on guitar. The 80s metal tour starts in Spain and Portugal. Just in the middle of their tour SDI is forced to abort the tour because of the corona virus regulations of the spanish government.



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